AK Technique
  • Combination of Strip & FUE
  • Lateral Slit Implantation
  • Dense Packing
  • Hairline Reconstruction
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  • Maximum Experience in FUE
  • Great Results since 2008
  • Trust, Quality & Results
  • Patients from all over world
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  • Medical Treatment for Hair Loss
  • Hair Transplant
  • Bio-FUE & Bio-DHT
  • Body Hair Transplant
    • Men Hair Transplant
    • Women Hair Transplant
    • Facial Hair Transplant


    What is hair transplant?
    Who can undergo hair transplant?
    Can females undergo hair transplant?
    What are the techniques of hair transplant?
    What is the difference between FUE and Strip method

    Why Us?

    Know our Staff

    Our professionals are trained from different parts of the world and are adept with highly sophisticated methods and are also qualified with experience of more than 1 lac implantation of gra.

    Why Select Us

    It is expertise of our globally renowned surgeons that differentiates us from the rest. We can boast of 100% transparency just as we can claim consistent results with clientele from different parts of the world , from Korea to California & Denmark to New Zealand.


    For those with a discerning eye for value and quality here is proof that commitment and integrity speak for themselves. This is what some of our happy customers have to say.

    Hair Transplant that offers great and natural Result

    Hair Transplant @ AK Clinics

    Hair Transplant Clinic India
    AK Clinics bear the title of being one of the finest hair transplant facilities located in New Delhi & Ludhiana in India & Dubai. Unlike, majority of hair transplant clinics that are being run by general dermatologists or surgeons, AK Clinics creates a distinction by conducting procedures under vigilance of Dr. Kapil Dua & Dr Aman Dua. We comfortably promise our patients:

    Our doctors have experience of over 3 million grafts since 2007. Graft Wastage controlled below 3% ensures safety your donor area Minimum out-of-body-time for grafts that gives better results Ultra Hygienic Operation Theatres that give better safety Since its inception in 2008, AK Clinics has managed to revive the confidence of 1000s of patients globally. We at AK Clinics, maintain the level of excellence and standards while adhering by the constant changes incorporated in hair transplantation.

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