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NeoGraft: Another method of Hair Transplant Surgery

Each day, there are some new advancements being made in the world of hair transplant surgery and one of the technique on the block is called NeoGraft. This is actually partially automated hair transplantation system in which doctors can make the best use of the popular FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction technique.

Generally, in the FUE method, hair are taken out from the donor area by manual or electric punches which is controlled by doctors. Then the grafts are stored in the holding solution. After that, they are implanted in the bald area with the help of forceps and needle by the implanters in a couple of hours. If the process is done by someone who does not have enough expertise, things could go down south very quickly. Not only will the implant look unnatural, it might not even last as long as it should.

However, with NeoGraft things are slightly different !! This FDA-cleared device excecutes  the surgical removal, collection, and placement of individual hair follicles, one at a time. The machine works on the concept of pneumatic pressure, using which the hair follicles are extracted. Then with the help of the same forceps, the implantation is done by the implanter. One benefit of the pneumatic pressure is that it is so gentle that there is neither any damage to the hair follicle nor to the scalp where the hair is being implanted.

But the main disadvantage is the dehydration that may occur due to the following reasons:

1.      The pneumatic pressure which strips the surrounding tissue from the lower portion of the grafts during their removal, making them fragile and exposing them to drying injury.

2.      The vacuum creates a continuous flow of dry air around the harvested grafts causing dessication of grafts.

Both these things may lead to poor results.  A couple of doctors had started using this machine in India but later on gave up because of the poor results. The new machine is a modified version. And has slightly improved but it takes some time for the hand to be set on the machine.

The main advantages of neograft machine:

  1. If the skill of the surgeon is low he will be able to  handle of grafts in a better way.
  2. If the technicians handling the case are not experienced and permanent, neograft gives advantage.

But if the team is not experienced, then ultimately the results may be below par.

Infact, the latest in the attempt to make the Hair transplant surgery fully automated is the introduction of Robotic Surgery by ARTAS machine.

So, this is one of the options of undergoing hair transplant surgery. But, for us the danger of risking poor results is too high to try anything like this……

      Is Neograft a Robotic Hair Transplant?

The Neograft is not a robotic hair transplant but all the surgical steps (scoring, extraction, implantation are manual. So there are many clinics in the country that are misleading patients saying that Neograft is Robotic Hair transplant. 


AK Clinics – Understanding Hair Transplant in case of Cicatricial Alopecia

Q. Doctor, I am a male of 34 years living in Los Angeles. I was suffering from cicatricial alopecia from last few years which has now completely cured as told by my physician. Do you think I can undergo a hair transplant and what method should I go for

A. At AK Clinics, we’ve very experienced doctors that identify the causes of hair-loss and advice patients very carefully before undergoing Hair Transplant. We’ve operated many patients with different indication successfully

Understanding Cicatricial Alopecia

Cicatricial alopecia also known as scarring alopecia is a collection of hair loss condition leading to permanent hairloss. The criteria are:

  • Hair loss that occurs with permanent destruction of hair follicles
  • Often presents with inflammation arising from injury or disease

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Understanding FTR (Follicular Transection Rate) is really important for everyone planning a Hair Transplant

FUE is solely dependent on surgeons experience as this a blind procedure. Because the surgeon only sees the exit angle of the hair shaft and introduces the punch in such a way that a complete graft is extracted without leaving any part of the graft inside. If any part of the graft is damaged, then it is called as a transected follicle. The more the number of transected follicle, the less the chance of having a good result.

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AK Clinics – Side effects of Hair Transplant

Q. I’ve learnt from somewhere that Hair transplant only works in that cases where there is no side lying chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes or obesity. I’m suffering from both diabetes & anxiety from the last 5 years and managing the same with 10 units of insulin daily and mild dose lorazepam; please suggest can I undergo Hair Transplant, also whether my anxiety could be because of Hair Loss.

A. In fact this is a very valid question and there are ample amount of myths around the same.

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AK Clinics – Hair Transplant in Caucasian descent males & females

At AK Clinics we often operate upon people from Europe, America & Australia who are of Caucasian descent. Though the basic principles of Hair Transplant always remain same but definitely there are few things that always change with the ethnicity.

Q. What are the main points that you take into account at the time of operating upon people of Caucasian descent? In what way is it different compared to Asians or African descents?

A. The Asian hair transplant surgeons operating upon Caucasian patients should keep the following points inmind at the time of performing surgery

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AK Clinics – Hair Transplant in the case African descent males & females



Q. We’ve seen not many doctors actually do hair transplant in African descent males in fact just AK Clinics or may be one or two more in India and likewise rare in world. Is there a particular reason for this kind of pattern. What are the challenges in Hair Transplant procedure of African descent males or Females?

A. In fact it is really difficult and takes large amount of expertise to do transplant in case of African descent males. This pattern is owing to actually few people developing & getting exposure. We’ll share the main reasons & points in the same.

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Complete human hair Cycle

Know it all about the mood-swings of your hair!!

The complete Hair Cycle
Hair Growth CycleHair is the most hard-working part of your skin. They are highly exposed to sun, sweat, pollution, and chemicals that come from shampoos, conditioners, perms, colors and yet they continue to grow throughout the life.

Hair is genetically predisposed to follow a particular growth pattern i.e. grow, rest, fall and so on. This phenomenon is essentially an extraordinary one as in a lifetime; a hair follicle goes through the hair cycle 10 to 20 times, with each cycle comprising certain embryological changes.

The hair growth cycle is composed of three different stages: Anagen (growth) phase, Catagen (involution) phase, and Telogen (resting) phase. There is also a shedding phase, Exogen, which is a sub-phase of Telogen, during which the hair falls out. Anagen lasts from three to six years, catagen phase two to three weeks, and telogen phase three to four months. Normally at any one time, up to 80-90% of the hair is in Anagenphase, 10-14% inTelogen and only 1-2% % is in Catagen phase.

Let’s have a closer look at the hair cycle!

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Is Minoxidil actually a wonder drug to treat hair loss? If yes, then how does it work?

If you’re looking for a topical treatment of hair-loss.It is likely that your doctor may suggest you to go for Minoxidil. Minoxidil is the first drug approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for hair loss treatment. Before that, the medicine was used to treat high blood pressure. In a chance happening, a person applied some liquid Minoxidil on his skin. Later on, it was noticed that the area which came into contact with Minoxidil had much more hair density than before. The rest, as they say, is history. Minoxidil is a very popular treatment for hair loss, which can be used both by men & women. The medicine is readily available and is relatively pocket friendly. It should be applied directly onto the scalp, starting from center to outward area by taking approximately 1 ml of Minoxidil. The solution should not be used more than twice a day.

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Know How Bio Therapy Can Grow Hair

Baldness is a fight that many individuals combat silently. Until recently, people never came up with issues related to baldness. They would endure the gazing eyes of people & remarks like Ganju, Taklu, Baldie, Slap-head, etc. But one doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Thanks, to the innovations in the field of hair loss treatments. There’s wide arena of options available like Hair transplant, topical medicines & therapies. Bio-Therapy is one of them, which is also called PRP Therapy. The therapy is based on the concept of human germinative cells which have got the ability to regenerate various important structures in embryonic life.

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How to keep your dry hair Moisturize and Conditioned

Are your really worried about damaged hair and want to know the secrets for how to moisturize your dry hair at home naturally and looking the ways for how to get moisturized your black and curly hair. Maintaining your hair duly hydrated is very essential to keep it healthy and look best.  To keep up the moisturizing level high in the hair, conditioning your hair is a must. It can battle against dryness and defend it from various types of damages.

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