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NeoGraft: Another method of Hair Transplant Surgery

Each day, there are some new advancements being made in the world of hair transplant surgery and one of the technique on the block is called NeoGraft. This is actually partially automated hair transplantation system in which doctors can make the best use of the popular FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction technique.

Generally, in the FUE method, hair are taken out from the donor area by manual or electric punches which is controlled by doctors. Then the grafts are stored in the holding solution. After that, they are implanted in the bald area with the help of forceps and needle by the implanters in a couple of hours. If the process is done by someone who does not have enough expertise, things could go down south very quickly. Not only will the implant look unnatural, it might not even last as long as it should.

However, with NeoGraft things are slightly different !! This FDA-cleared device excecutes  the surgical removal, collection, and placement of individual hair follicles, one at a time. The machine works on the concept of pneumatic pressure, using which the hair follicles are extracted. Then with the help of the same forceps, the implantation is done by the implanter. One benefit of the pneumatic pressure is that it is so gentle that there is neither any damage to the hair follicle nor to the scalp where the hair is being implanted.

But the main disadvantage is the dehydration that may occur due to the following reasons:

1.      The pneumatic pressure which strips the surrounding tissue from the lower portion of the grafts during their removal, making them fragile and exposing them to drying injury.

2.      The vacuum creates a continuous flow of dry air around the harvested grafts causing dessication of grafts.

Both these things may lead to poor results.  A couple of doctors had started using this machine in India but later on gave up because of the poor results. The new machine is a modified version. And has slightly improved but it takes some time for the hand to be set on the machine.

The main advantages of neograft machine:

  1. If the skill of the surgeon is low he will be able to  handle of grafts in a better way.
  2. If the technicians handling the case are not experienced and permanent, neograft gives advantage.

But if the team is not experienced, then ultimately the results may be below par.

Infact, the latest in the attempt to make the Hair transplant surgery fully automated is the introduction of Robotic Surgery by ARTAS machine.

So, this is one of the options of undergoing hair transplant surgery. But, for us the danger of risking poor results is too high to try anything like this……

      Is Neograft a Robotic Hair Transplant?

The Neograft is not a robotic hair transplant but all the surgical steps (scoring, extraction, implantation are manual. So there are many clinics in the country that are misleading patients saying that Neograft is Robotic Hair transplant. 


Did You Hear It….Dandruff Leads To Hair Fall?

It is quite common to see tresses shedding while taking bath or combing hair. Seeing them float over the drain makes one conscious enough. Well, the reasons responsible for hair fall may vary. For some it might be poor hair texture or damaged follicles, while for others it could be dandruff. Yes, you hear it right, dandruff? 

How To Know You Have Dandruff?

Are you one of those who have itchy scalp? Do you often see white flakes falling over your shoulders and afraid to wear dark t-shirts? If yes, you are definitely a victim of dandruff. Not to worry, dandruff is not even that dangerous and is treatable as well. Dandruff, which is often referred to as seborrhoea dermatitis is a scalp condition that is categorized by tiny scraps of dry skin over the scalp.

Link Between Dandruff & Hair Fall 

While it can be inconvenient enough, so far there is no evidence that justifies dandruff being responsible for hair loss. However, we will still emphasise that dandruff could lead to hair fall. This is because immense dryness over scalp causes itchiness and this eventually leads to scratching of scalp. This results in dandruff that is more visible and eventually weakens hair follicles. Weakening of hair follicles makes our hair prone to breakage and causes visible hair loss.

Hence, to stop your hair from withering, it is essential to control the level of dandruff over scalp. Shampooing daily with dandruff controlling shampoos can keep a check over the situation. By shampooing, we here refer not only the tresses but also your scalp. Gently massaging scalp in the shower will enhance circulation and regulate hair growth. Try looking for shampoos with ingredients like Zinc pyrithione, Salicylic acid and sulphur and Ketoconazole. In case, problem persists, one could always seek for help from dermatologists


Are bald men striked off or strikingly beautiful?(Part 2 of 2)

For those who find hair loss to be a difficult or a socially hostile situation, even simple styling of hair poses challenges and can prove frustrating.  More severe the hair loss, more the stress and fretting leading to more hair fall, it’s like a vicious cycle.  It’s difficult to say whether people suffering from baldness are perceived by others negatively or they themselves feel devalued.  Their behavior then automatically begins to reflect their sense of self worthlessness.  It is vital for men not to feel overwhelmed because if they do not show their lack of self-confidence then they are better able to cope with their baldness and be accepted by society at large. However, studies have shown that 60% of bald men have reported that they have been teased or ridiculed and hence the desperation to either hide the problem or prevent it from getting worse.  Depression is another outcome of perceiving that baldness is unacceptable or that it is something to be ashamed of.  This type of anxiety-causing outlook is harmful for overall health as the person may go into a shell and lose the zest for life.

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Are bald men striked off or strikingly beautiful?(Part 1 of 2)

A generation of men have grown up on ordinary and the not-so-ordinary , occasional mousse, gel and wax and have taken their thinning hair in their stride.  While Britain’s 7.4 million bald and balding men grapple with a loss in their crowning glory and subsequently in their self-esteem, quite a few among them are bold enough to be comfortable in their skin without their hair bearing testimony to their handsomeness! In fact, what was just a decade ago scorned at, the bald and completely shaven look is now hailed as a turn or and extremely attractive to women who feel that loss of locks does not necessarily translate into a downslide in virility. On the contrary, it’s the new symbol of the New Age macho man who realizes that it surely adds to their cool quotient; doesn’t take away from it. In fact, there’s more good news for those who do not have much of a mane – 30 year olds are more likely to attract women than those blessed with an abundant crop; as older women find it sexually attractive!

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Can wearing a cap or dyeing your hair make you bald? Part 2 of 2

So you can start wearing those fancy scarves again. Or wear that baseball cap to the cricket match or for a sports meet. But did you believe that just running your fingers through your hair could cause hair loss? We’ve been conditioned to think that the more we mess with our hair, more the cause for a problem to develop. But gentle brushing or twisting your hair does not cause severe or permanent hair fall or hair loss.

Nor does styling or eating certain foodstuff.

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Can wearing a cap or dyeing your hair make you bald? Part 1 of 2

“Don’t keep twisting the end of your plait, your hair will wither away,” my grandma would reprimand. To my six year old mind, it didn’t make sense, it still doesn’t! My granny would continue to admonish, she would tell my mom, “Don’t tie her hair so tight with so many clips, you’ll yank her hair off.” My mom would hastily loosen my braid and look wistfully to yet another flower that she wanted to add to my mane, but wouldn’t, for being given another verbal whiplash from the older woman!

Have you come across such myths about hair ?

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Reversing Damage – The Revision Begins

What happens when things go horribly wrong in a cosmetic, surgical procedure which a person undergoes with the aim of rectifying a problem; when to his dismay and anguish it doesn’t get corrected but becomes worse?  Lets start with the basic premise that hair loss is progressive in nature.  This is an important fact which is not communicated to patients at the very beginning, whichever form of treatment he or she may opt for.  It is vital to educate the person about the functioning of hair, its normal growth and then elaborate how corrective procedures do not guarantee 100% successful results; despite the expertise of the physician or surgeon. This is not to say that the surgeon’s capability should be questioned or doubted; nor does it mean that anyone can set up a clinic and perform a procedure.  The point to be noted is that nature has its own way of bestowing and depriving, science and technology can merely lighten the load, to an extent.  For instance, someone can acquire flawless skin with the progress dermatology has made or the much-craved for hourglass figure with mesotherapy.  Similarly, a successful hair transplant implies that a natural appearance is created based on the knowledge of the person’s natural hairline. But if the result is an unfavourable one, revisionary surgery is the best bet.

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AK Clinics – Side effects of Hair Transplant

Q. I’ve learnt from somewhere that Hair transplant only works in that cases where there is no side lying chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes or obesity. I’m suffering from both diabetes & anxiety from the last 5 years and managing the same with 10 units of insulin daily and mild dose lorazepam; please suggest can I undergo Hair Transplant, also whether my anxiety could be because of Hair Loss.

A. In fact this is a very valid question and there are ample amount of myths around the same.

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AK Clinics – Hair Transplant in Caucasian descent males & females

At AK Clinics we often operate upon people from Europe, America & Australia who are of Caucasian descent. Though the basic principles of Hair Transplant always remain same but definitely there are few things that always change with the ethnicity.

Q. What are the main points that you take into account at the time of operating upon people of Caucasian descent? In what way is it different compared to Asians or African descents?

A. The Asian hair transplant surgeons operating upon Caucasian patients should keep the following points inmind at the time of performing surgery

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AK Clinics – Hair Transplant in the case African descent males & females



Q. We’ve seen not many doctors actually do hair transplant in African descent males in fact just AK Clinics or may be one or two more in India and likewise rare in world. Is there a particular reason for this kind of pattern. What are the challenges in Hair Transplant procedure of African descent males or Females?

A. In fact it is really difficult and takes large amount of expertise to do transplant in case of African descent males. This pattern is owing to actually few people developing & getting exposure. We’ll share the main reasons & points in the same.

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