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The training & exposure of the doctors determines the outcome of any surgery. At AK Clinics, doctors have been trained at world’s best hair transplant centres spanning USA, Holland, Thailand, Middle-East.


At A K Clinics, the doctors are amongst the first few doctors who started using FUE technique in India in 2007. They have accomplished 1200+ FUE hair transplants which means transplanting 3 million+ grafts.

Teachers of Doctors

Doctors from all over the world regularly come from all over the world at our centre to get training from our experts of hair transplant. Our surgeons are a regular faculty at national and international conferences.

Automated FUE

This technique increases the extraction speed and decreases the operative time. This helps patients to undergo bigger sessions of transplantation. A K Clinic was among the earliest ones to use Automated FUE in 2009. Our doctors extract almost 1200 - 1500 grafts per hour; which is one of the highest in the world. Megasessions of 3000-3200 grafts in one day are a matter of routine at A K Clinics.

Extraction of Grafts

Follicular transaction rate: FTR makes FUE technically difficult as higher incidence of cutting of roots while extracting grafts causes permanent loss of permanent hair. It is normally established around 20-30% at various centres. It means for about 2000 grafts transplant, 400-600 grafts get wasted. However, our doctors have achieved FTR below 3 %, which elevates A K Clinics to world-class level. So, you spend 20%-25% less in reality. Also, hair lost is lost forever.

Counting of grafts

At AK Clinics, the patient is given grafts by counting which removes all the ambiguities and ensures high quality results, unlike many other places, where you lose 30-40% money due to grafts given without counting.

Hair Follicle Vs. Graft

Some surgeons charge per hair follicle however we charge per graft. (One graft consists of 1-5 hair follicles, on an average 2 hair follicles per graft).

AK Technique

It gives you up to 5000-6000 grafts by a combination of extraction from scalp and body in one session. Therefore, complete area can be covered in just one session.

Body Hair Transplant

Our doctors have a wide range of experience in restoring hair in the areas of eyebrows, beard, moustache, chest, etc.

Permanent Team

Our core professionals form the backbone, here at A K Clinics, unlike centres with on-call staff. We have got a permanent team of more than 25 members who work relentlessly before, after and during the surgery to ensure great results.

Cost of Hair Transplant in India

The cost of FUE hair transplant varies from 10 - 12 USD per graft in the US to 7-8 euro per graft in Europe. However, A K Clinics provides you the best services at less than 2 USD per graft for FUE.

AK Clinics, based at Ludhiana, Delhi and Mumbai are conveniently located in prime cities of India, and hence are easily accessible. Dr. AmanDua and Dr.Kapil Dua are veterans in the field.

In the past few years, India has witnessed a lot of medical tourists heading towards India for various types of medical treatments. This has spurred medical professionals in India to upgrade their skills and expertise. Also, their medical fees are quite reasonable as compared to other parts or developed countries of the world. Moreover, less value of Indian currency in the global economy has attracted many foreign citizens to choose India as their destination for surgery. Another important factor is, India is also a well-known tourist destination. So people can source worldclass treatment at economical rates and alongwith their treatment also get to visit tourist destinations in India. The hair transplant cost in India is just a fraction of the cost of hair transplant in any developed country. The care and assistance provided by Indian doctors is comparable to the best in the field and before planning or getting a hair transplant done, it is advisable to contact A K Clinics.

The above services are available at our clinics based at New Delhi, Ludhiana & Dubai. These are provided by highly specialized and trained team of doctors and technicians. Our doctors are internationally acclaimed for the results and experience.

Dr.Kapil Dua and Dr.Aman Dua recently attended the the 19th Annual Meeting of ISHRS. • Best Hair Transplant now in New Delhi also. Automated transplant introduced by AK Clinics • Dr.Kapil Dua and Dr.Aman Dua were the National Faculty at 3rd HAIRCON held at Mumbai. Celebrities who have undergone hair transplant are Virender Sehwag, Salman Khan amongst others. Dr Kapil Dua demonstrated a video on FUE Hair Transplant at the first ASIAN Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons on 24 June, 2011 For More Click Here • Dr Kapil Dua   Dr Aman Dua were invited as faculty for Hair Transplant Workshop at Aesthetics 2013, New Delhi