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FUE Hair Transplant In Ludhiana, Punjab, India

I just finished my treatment at AKclinics. I know about hair transplant from the website of the AKclinics which is very conformable. Then I asked questions about hair transplant procedure, costs, time and many information from the Live channels of th

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery in India

This Video is after 5 months tech fue,Grafts 1600 .

Mr. Tarun Bajaj From India

Mr. Suresh From India

Mr. R Bajaj From India

Mr. J from India

Mr. H. Singh From India

Mr. J. Moga

Hello I'm Chaman Verma. I'm 32 years old. I am doing my work at jewelry shop. I was very unhappy about my hair. My all friends teased me by saying "Bald man". I was really very shameful to me.
Then I searched at the internet about hair

Post Operation Hair Transplantation

Mr. Arvind's hair transplant

Before my surgery, my friend told me about that you should go to for hair transplant then I ask my parents . They come to Akclinics and ask for hair transplant and i got the opportunity of hair surgery.
When i came there, first of all I'm so

Hair Transplant Surgery for restoration of Hair Loss

I want to tell you something which is very common in every one's life. Baldness is responsible in reducing confidence.
I am also suffer from this problem. I suffer from this problem at very early age.I've lost my confidence at every so

Hair Transplant

Hello I found this Clinic on the website and I came there and discussed about the Hair Transplant. The Dr. Kapil Dua explained me very nicely, told me the whole processor and the I got an appointment with the doctor.
I was very scared and nervous

Hair transplantation at best cost --Part of Medical tourism

Mr. J from New Delhi (India)

I came to know about the services i.e. Hair transplant, FUE, offered by AK Clinics through internet. I found all staff extremely helpful & corporative. Both the doctors Dr. Aman Dua and Dr. Kapil Dua are extremely professional & caring and are tops i

Mr. I from Canada

I feel the clinic were very friendly & courteous & provided for my every need. I think the staff made me feel at ease due to the surroundings & felt part of the family which eased any tension I had.

Mr. H from England

As general the greetings. Hair without painless and very corporative staff. Both the Dr. Aman Dua and Dr. Kapil Dua best of luck for the future.

Mr. G from USA

My experience at AK Clinics was very special.
I had a very detailed consolation with doctors and they explained me everything about hair transplantation and (FUE) they use for it. I has scare in the beginning because I never really talk about it

Mr. F from U.K.

AK Clinics website was helpful. E-mail response was fast, could have been a little faster or may be it was just time difference. I felt very comfortable with staff and doctors. The meals were excellent. The staff made sure, I was able to commute to a

Mr. R.K

I am fully satisfied with the services provided by AK Clinic. The staff is very co-operative & helpful in all aspects. Especially I am thankful to “Dr. Aman Dua” & “Dr. Kapil Dua”. Both of them have friendly nature. Clinic is well built & this is hav

Mr.A S

It is the first time in my life that I have gone such a long process for hair transplant stitchless surgery. It is a great experience so far the result. I have seen is beyond my expectation. The behavior of couple doctor (Mrs. & Mr. Dua) was very fri

Patient from Moga

During the surgery I was comfortable because the staff and the doctors are really co-operative and professional. Its really not painful at all. So I really wish them good luck.
Patient from Amritsar
The doctors were very cordia

Patient from Mohali

It was a wonderful experience getting the procedure done .Dr. Aman Dua was exceptionally cooperative and discussed all steps in detail. Staff was excellent .I am extremely satisfied with the work done by them .

Patient from:- Ludhiana

Ak Clinics gave very professional service from consultation to surgery.All the aspects were explained in detail and questions were answered.
Doctors and other staff members made positive efforts to make me comfortable Initial results of the surg

Patient from Gurgaon

Ak clinics has experienced surgeons and supportive staff who are well trained ,qualified and experienced in Fue Hair transplantation.This is my second sitting at Ak Clinics.I had taken 1800 grafts earlier and hairs are coming very good. Today I took

Patient from Ludhiana

Thanks for taking real good care from start till end. Everyone was so cordial and smiling all the way. It was a great family type feeling and that put all my worries at ease.

Patient from Australia

I am very happy with the procedure overall I was very well looked after as I was provided with meals throughout the day along with me family members. I am extremely satisfied with my hairline and am looking forward to achieving good results.


My name is Jagjeet Singh. I am satisfied by staff and doctors. All arrangements are good for the patients and I am thankful to all of them.
The surgery done and I am very happy to be here. The staff and the doctor couple

Dr.Kapil Dua and Dr.Aman Dua recently attended the the 19th Annual Meeting of ISHRS. • Best Hair Transplant now in New Delhi also. Automated transplant introduced by AK Clinics • Dr.Kapil Dua and Dr.Aman Dua were the National Faculty at 3rd HAIRCON held at Mumbai. Celebrities who have undergone hair transplant are Virender Sehwag, Salman Khan amongst others. Dr Kapil Dua demonstrated a video on FUE Hair Transplant at the first ASIAN Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons on 24 June, 2011 For More Click Here • Dr Kapil Dua   Dr Aman Dua were invited as faculty for Hair Transplant Workshop at Aesthetics 2013, New Delhi