Hair Transplant Cost @ AK Clinics

This is very challenging question that poses to every patient when evaluating hair transplant surgery. Hundred of quacks world-wide mislead patients with low cost, scar-less surgery and high no. of grafts by FUE. So the patient must know following before taking the decision:

  1. that doctor & only doctor should make incisions (extraction & Slit making)
  2. that it is highly non-recommended to do more that 2200-2500 grafts by FUE from scalp.
  3. that the price can’t be ridiculously low compared to standard clinics without comprising basic principles.
  4. that both FUE & FUT are successful & safe techniques

At AK Clinics we recommend what is best for the patient. So we proudly acclaim that wherever you plan surgery but must take advice from us as it does not cost anything & yet yield great results for you.

High no. of Grafts
As per internationally accepted guidelines, we do session upto 5000-6000 grafts with combination of Strip + Bio-FUE + Body hair. We’ve extremely great results.
Aesthetic and natural Hair Line
Owing the experience of our surgeons you’ll always get right hair direction that is very important. Our patients are extremely happy because they get absolutely natural looks.
Pain-free procedure
Our special anesthesia technique ensures that our patients feel no pain during or after the procedure. We properly prepare the area by using anesthetic gels, vibrator & nerve blocks.


100% Safe Procedure
With the safety & hygiene standards followed at AK Clinics, you feel rest assured that your procedure would be go very smooth. You’ll walk-in &walk-out without experiencing any discomfort or infection.
Cost of Bio-FUE ™ Hair Transplant
We offer services at an affordable cost definitely not cheap. The cost ranges from INR 90K (USD1500) to INR 2.0 Lac (USD 3450). To get free counseling & tailored quote speak to us today..

Cost of FUT Hair Transplant
The cost ranges from INR 60K (USD1000) to INR 1.5Lac (USD2500) with trichophytic closure, which ensures that patient encounters minimum problem. To get free counseling & tailored quote speak to us today.